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The Ferrier Awards

Due to COVID19 The Ferrier Awards Due to be held at Wigmore Hall, London on 21st and 24th April, 2020 have been postponed until late Autumn 2020.





Do you have any Ferrier programmes or memorabilia?

The Society is currently compiling a performance chronology of Kathleen Ferrier in written form with the addition of photographs, letters and articles from the Society's own archive.

If anyone has any programmes from Kathleen's performances, reviews, newspaper articles or photographs of Kathleen, the Society would love to hear from you. (We would only require copies/scans.)

If you can help us in any way with Kathleen's performance history please contact us.




The Society always welcomes people’s memories of Kathleen, and articles about any activities connected with Kathleen Ferrier for our members Newsletter.